Silent witnesses

53 years old



Jerzy Zieleński, 53 years old

A soldier of the Home Army, a popularizer of science, a journalist, and a columnist for "Problemy" and "Literatura". He collaborated with the "Biuletyn Informacyjny KOR" and the "Robotnik". Following August 1980, he was the initiator of changes in the authorities of the Association of Polish Journalists. The cofounder of an informal team of journalists "Experience and Future", which elaborated the "Report on Poland", published underground in 1981. Was an advisor to NSZZ "Solidarity" of the Mazovian Region. A delegate to the 1st National Convention of NSZZ "Solidarity". Towards the end of 1981, he was nominated editor in chief of a new trade union paper, the "Tygodnik Mazowsze". He worked on the first issue, which was due to appear in January 1982. On December 13, 1981, having heard of the imposition of martial law, he committed suicide. To honour his memory, the "Tygodnik Mazowsze", published during martial law as underground paper, started with the second issue.

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