Silent witnesses

32 years old



Zbigniew Wilk, 30 years old 

A miner from the "Wujek" Hard Coal Mine in Katowice, he died on December 16, 1981, having suffered a gunshot wound to the back during pacification of the mine by ZOMO units. He left behind two children. The investigation which followed was intended to conceal the perpetrators of the crime - not to punish them. This has considerably hindered the trial of militiamen from the ZOMO special platoon, accused of perpetrating the crime, which has been pending since 1993. The trial of three military prosecutors, accused by the IPN in 2004 of hindering the investigation initiated in 1982, is still pending. The trial of Czesław Kiszczak, accused of issuing the secret cryptogram that made it possible to use firearms during the pacification of striking plants, has commenced for the third time.

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