Silent witnesses

69 years old




Jan Strzelecki, 69 years old 

A sociologist, essayist, participant of the Warsaw Uprising, socialist activist, scientific employee of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, author among others of "Attempts at testimony". A mountaineering enthusiast, Tatra mountaineer, and skier. An active democratic oppositionist, member of the Association of Scientific Course, participant of the "Experience and Future" seminar. An advisor to the National Committee of NSZZ "Solidarity", interned during martial law. In 1987, he was the co-initiator of the rebirth of the Polish Socialist Party. During the night from June 29-30, 1988, he fell victim to a brutal assault along the banks of the Wisła, and died on July 11, 1988. The circumstances of the assault have never been explained.

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