Silent witnesses

75 years old




Father Stefan Niedziela, 75 years old 

A prelate, priest of the parish of St. Karol Boromeusz at the Powązki cemetery in Warsaw. A soldier of the Home Army (AK) and - after the war - of the "Freedom and Independence" Association. He worked at different Warsaw parishes, from 1977 at Powązki. His activities included commemorating Poles who had died in the East and held anniversary masses; he was the co-founder of the Katyń Family, and the initiator of the placement of the Katyń Cross at the cemetery. He supported the opposition based on the ideals of the independence movement. He was placed under surveillance by the Secret Police and persecuted, constantly receiving anonymous letters with threats. He was murdered at his presbytery on January 20, 1989. The perpetrators remain unknown.

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