Calendar of events

December 14, 1981

Sit-in strikes and demonstrations were held at numerous plants. According to the official (albeit incomplete) data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in December 1981 strikes and protests were organized at 199 workplaces throughout the country. Regional Strike Committees were set up in Gdańsk, Wrocław, Białystok, and Świdnik.

In the capital, strikes and protests were very weak - and not only in the largest industrial plants. These came to an end during the night from December 15 to 16. This was considerably influenced by the draconian regulations of martial law and the organized pressure of the military and militia on the strikers (demonstration of force).

In Przemyśl, the Interim Regional Executive Committee of NSZZ "Solidarity" was established.At the confinement center in Białołęka Dworska, internees organized a rebellion, wrecking their rooms and breaking windows – a company of ZOMO officers was required to restore order.

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