Calendar of events

December 13, 1981

On December 12, at night, the authorities commenced operation "Jodła", during which they interned persons considered as a potential threat to the political system. The arrests were made using previously prepared lists by officers of the Citizens' Militia and the Secret Police. Those detained were not limited to members of "Solidarity". During the period of martial law, more than 10,000 people were detained - some two or more times.

Announcement of the introduction of martial law in Poland. This was accompanied by the imposition of certain rigors on society, such as a curfew, ban on gatherings, the suspension of all associations, unions, etc. Only the dominant party - the PZPR - was allowed to operate (notabene, it had been experiencing an organizational crisis ever since the appearance of "Solidarity").
Martial law was accompanied by the militarization of a large number of key workplaces.
In the judiciary, a simplified procedure was introduced, which allowed the imposition of stringent penalties - including the death penalty.
The Military Council of National Salvation (WRON), comprising high ranking military officers and headed by General Wojciech Jaruzelski (simultaneously the 1st Secretary of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers' Party, Prime Minister and Minister of Defence), was established. The task of the Council was to administer the country during the period of martial law. In actual fact, it was no more than a propaganda tool. The WRON was rapidly dubbed "wrona" (crow), as opposed to the eagle. Indeed, a famous motto was soon coined - "The crow can't defeat the eagle".
The first protest strikes were held. A National Strike Committee, headed by Mirosław Krupiński, was established in Gdańsk Port.
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